Cyber Immunity

The number of internet-connected devices is growing exponentially, and so is the attention of cybercriminals. Cyberthreats can cause physical damage to manufacturing plants, energy facilities, automobiles or smart city systems. The information security industry is constantly developing new protection technologies, but often these technologies are just catching up with the attackers.

We decided to remedy this situation by creating Cyber Immunity — an approach to building IT systems with innate protection against cyberattacks, as well as our own operating system KasperskyOS — a platform for creating products that are protected at the architectural level.

Cyber Immunity is achieved by splitting the IT system into isolated parts and controlling the interactions between them. Most potential attacks on a Cyber Immune system are ineffective — it continues to perform critical functions even in an aggressive environment and does not allow an attacker to develop an attack.

The KasperskyOS operating system, consisting of a microkernel and the Kaspersky Security System subsystem, provides standard security and enables the development of Cyber Immune solutions.

Domain Isolation
All components of the Cyber Immune system are completely isolated from each other and the external environment, eliminating any uncontrolled interaction
Control of interprocess communications
The flow of information in the system as its components interact is checked for compliance with security policies
Minimization of trusted code base
The amount of trusted code — which has a direct impact on system assets, critical functionality and security — is kept to a minimum


Risk reduction

Cyber Immunity ensures the reliability and predictability of information systems, minimizing the risk of incidents and related accidents.

Reduced cost of developing and supporting secure IT solutions

Even when using untrusted third-party code, the Cyber Immune approach allows you to maintain a high level of solution security.

Reduced cost of certification

The principles of creating Cyber Immune solutions are in compliance with standards used by regulators: Common Criteria, ASPICE, ISO 26262, etc.


The Kaspersky Security System module can be flexibly configured to create security policies for each specific task.

Entry to new markets

Opportunity to enter markets with secure-by-design solutions at minimal cost.

Reduced cost of developing secure IT and converged IT/OT systems

Building Cyber Immune solutions based on KasperskyOS can cost less than similarly secure projects based on specialized operating systems of earlier generations.

Ready platform

We provide a platform for the development of secure-by-design solutions adapted for large-scale use — the KasperskyOS operating system.

Reduced cost of certification

Principles for creating Cyber Immune solutions are aligned with the standards used by regulators.

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