Development with KasperskyOS

KasperskyOS helps you create Cyber Immune solutions with inherent ability to thwart most types of cyberattacks. This is especially important for industries and solutions with high information security requirements.

KasperskyOS Community Edition, the publicly available version of our OS, will help you master the basic principles of developing KasperskyOS applications.

Join in, explore, get practical experience and share your results. Let's make the world Cyber Immune together!

Start using KasperskyOS Community Edition

KasperskyOS Community Edition shows how the concepts powering KasperskyOS work on a practical level. It includes sample applications with source code, as well as detailed explanations, instructions and application building tools.

What KasperskyOS Community Edition allows you to do:

  • 1. Learn the principles and methods of secure-by-design development
  • 2. Explore how KasperskyOS can be used as a platform for your projects
  • 3. Prototype solutions (primarily embedded / IoT) on KasperskyOS
  • 4. Port applications, components, drivers to KasperskyOS
  • 5. Consider software development security issues from all angles


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Development requests
Here you can view requests for the development of KasperskyOS Community Edition and submit your own, as well as vote for the features that are important for you. We offer prizes for the best suggestions and feedback.
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