IoT Infrastructure Security

Comprehensive protection
for internet of things infrastructure
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IoT Infrastructure Security

The IoT concept encompasses an enormous number of devices, technologies, software and data transmission protocols. IoT systems can make the world more comfortable, help save resources and effectively manage entire digital infrastructures. This complex environment needs a special approach to cybersecurity.

Kaspersky IoT Infrastructure Security is a comprehensive solution for protecting and monitoring IoT infrastructure at all levels: from smart devices and gateways to data transmission channels and cloud platforms.

Its main component is Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway, which provides security for systems at the gateway level. Monitoring and management are provided through Kaspersky Security Center.

IoT infrastructure security
Protection at all levels, from smart devices to data transmission channels and cloud platforms
Centralized monitoring
Convenient monitoring and configuration of all IoT systems through one center
The solution is suitable for IoT systems in any industry with high cybersecurity requirements
Integration with clouds
Support for any private or public cloud (MS Azure, Amazon AWS, IBM Bluemix, etc.)
Threat protection

The main source of threats is the internet of things itself. This is due to its infrastructural and technological complexity coupled with its rapid development. Here are just a few of the potential risks:

Potential risks
Risks to public devices
If there are devices on the IoT network with public addresses or access to "the outside", they can become targets for network attacks
Connected device vulnerability
All IoT devices connected to the network are also at risk. Hacking can lead to data leaks or spoofing, or allow attackers to change the software configuration
Threats of unauthorized connections
New unauthorized connections to the system can disrupt its structural integrity and prevent it from operating correctly
Cloud storage hacking
By gaining access to the cloud platform, attackers can compromise the data stored on it and alter configurations, putting the entire infrastructure at risk
Solution components
  • Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway β*

  • Kaspersky Security Center

Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway β*
Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway β*

Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway, powered by KasperskyOS, enables the building of secure IoT systems. It receives and checks sensor messages received via the MQTT protocol and securely transmits these to the cloud platform and application tier.
Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway can be customized and complemented with existing functionality belonging to potential partners.

* The current version of the product is intended for non-commercial piloting

Original security
The product is based on cybersecurity at the microkernel level of Kaspersky’s own operating system for embedded solutions
Reliable data transfer
Secure connection and communication between the gateway and cloud platform via the MQTT protocol over TLS
Only trusted firmware downloads
Confirmation of the integrity and authenticity of IoT firmware before uploading an image using Secure Boot technology.
Secure Update only updates firmware using properly signed and encrypted images from trusted sources
IDS/IPS + Firewall
Protection against unauthorized network access and on-the-spot blocking of attacks on network nodes
Easy monitoring
Quick search and categorization of IoT devices based on their network activity. Registration of security events in the system and on the network
Alert system
Notifications to the administrator about incidents on the network and detection of new connected devices
Convenient network setup and monitoring, visibility and transparency. Easy-to-use, informative dashboard
Kaspersky Security Center

Kaspersky Security Center is an advanced integrated platform for centralized administration and monitoring of the events of Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway.

Unified management console
Transparency, cost reduction and improved administration efficiency; correlation of events from different sources
Full IoT infrastructure overview
Management of up to 100,000 physical, virtual and cloud workstations
Convenient alerts
Incident notifications through various administrator-friendly channels: text messages, email, push notifications, etc.
Flexible reporting
Customizable and ready-to-use reports with dynamic filtering and sorting by any data field
Role-based access
Each administrator can only access the tools and data relevant to their work responsibilities
When purchasing or releasing a new application, a relevant extension can be installed without re-installing or patching the console
Hardware platforms
Advantech UTX-3117
High-performance fanless gateway supporting IoT cloud computing in real time.
Processor system

Intel Pentium N4200, 2MB L2 Cache


Dual channel DDR3L 1600 MHz, 4 GB


Dual 10/100/1000Mbps LAN
LAN1: Intel I210AT
LAN2: Realtek RTL8111G

I/O interfaces

1 x RS-232, 5v/12v

2 x USB3.0 port

1 x SATA interface, SSD TPM Infineon SLB9665 on-board support. TPM2.0 support

Data storage

1 x SATA II SSD (32 GB) bay

mSATA 1, used concurrently with H/S miniPCIE slot


Kaspersky IoT Infrastructure Security
A comprehensive solution for protecting and monitoring internet of things
The Cyber Immune operating system of the future
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