Kaspersky Cyber Immunity – a new approach to digital transformation

An expert view on Kaspersky's Cyber Immunity concept

Arc Advisory Group, a leading technology market research group and consultancy, states that Kaspersky Cyber Immunity “could be the foundation to unleash secure digital transformation in the industry.”

In the recent white paper “ARC View: From Cyber Security to Cyber Immunity in IIoT,” Thomas Menze, Arc Advisory’s senior consultant, describes Cyber Immunity based on KasperskyOS as a “pioneering approach” to secure IIoT.

The white paper, published in April 2021, explores the growing interdependency between operational technology (OT) at industrial companies and its links to corporate IT (including cloud systems), telling about the risks associated with this trend as well. Thomas Menze highlights that different domains of digital infrastructure will eventually merge; however, at the current stage, securing IIoT networks is a challenge, as much of the software in these systems cannot be easily patched.

The report explains: “A cyber-physical system can be called immune if cyber-attacks prove to be ineffective and will not affect the function of the system. The concept of Cyber Immunity implies that the risk of entire classes of cyber-attacks is denied; tampering and malfunction of cyber-physical systems are safely ruled out.”

It concludes that this approach to designing software for industrial equipment can bring value to its end users: “Systems have lifetimes of more than 30 years. New cyber security concepts such as Cyber Immunity are needed here. A system that protects against current and future cyber threats is certainly a very practical method. Cyber Immunity can be the new foundation of how the digital transformation will be implemented more securely.”

The first Cyber Immune product for the industrial internet of things – Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway 100 – hits the market on April 14. It has been developed by Kaspersky together with its subsidiary Aprotech. Andrey Suvorov, CEO of Aprotech, will be presenting the gateway at Hannover Messe 2021.

You can download the report here.