Cybersecurity of the IoT of the future

Marat Nuriev, Business Development Manager of KasperskyOS for IoT, will take part in the Advantech Connect international conference.

At Advantech Connect Online Partner Conference on March 11, Marat Nuriev will share how a secure IoT gateway based on KasperskyOS helps to build reliable and functional IoT infrastructures. The conference was organized by Advantech, a technology partner of Kaspersky, whose device became the hardware platform for this gateway. 

In his speech, Marat will tell how a special Kaspersky gateway based on the Advantech UTX-3117 platform protects complex multi-level IoT systems from cyber threats, and also what advantages the Cyber Immune approach to developing solutions on KasperskyOS gives companies.

The Advantech Connect international online conference is dedicated to the digital transformation of business and the discussion of future technologies for the Internet of Things. Representatives of the world’s leading companies will share their knowledge, experience and solutions that can help businesses quickly and efficiently implement advanced technologies for IoT, such as AI, 5G, and cloud computing.

Advantech is an international company based in Taiwan. For nearly 40 years it has been creating digital equipment for various industries. For several years, the company has been actively developing in the market of IoT devices and cloud services, helping enterprises around the world to go through digital transformation and become part of Industry 4.0. 

Marat’s presentation, Enabling AIoT Edge + Solution for Emerging Markets, will be streamed online on March 11 at 13:05. The Embedded AIoT in Action section, in which he participates, starts on the same day at 12:00. 

You can register for the conference here