Kaspersky Thin Client

Thin Client

Cyber Immune and functional thin client infrastructure

What is thin client


Solution for building a managed and functional thin client infrastructure based on the KasperskyOS microkernel operating system for secure connection to remote desktops 

Where will a thin client be useful?

7 areas of application
Public sector
  • Access to electronic document management systems
  • Public servant workplaces
Finance and insurance
  • Local offices of financial institutions
  • Call centers
  • Customer support services
Energy and manufacturing
  • Access to SCADA/industrial automation systems
  • Engineers workstations
  • Reception areas
  • Information boards
  • Connection points for workstations of medical specialists
  • Information boards
  • Cashier workplace
  • Call center operator workplace
Warehouse logistics
  • Access to warehouse management systems (WMS)
  • Classrooms
  • Testing grounds
  • Academic competitions

Advantages of Kaspersky Thin Client

Cyber Immune product from a cybersecurity leader
Thanks to the Cyber Immune approach, KasperskyOS-based thin clients are secure by default.
Reliable and fault tolerant
Thin client lifespan is 7-10 years. Works perfectly in dusty rooms and production facilities, has no active cooling and no moving parts.
Infrastructure integration in just 2 minutes
Get your device up and running quickly with a compact deployment that lightens the load on your network infrastructure. Intuitive user and administrator interface.
Unified management platform for information security and IT
Centralized management system allows you to manage not only thin client protection, but also protection of remote desktops and other Kaspersky products.
Kaspersky Thin Client has Cyber Immunity and does not require additional antivirus protection
Unified control center
Convenient centralized management of up to 100,000 thin clients
Ability to work with the necessary business applications and workplace virtualization systems
Convenient management
Control security from a familiar management console

Solution components

Kaspersky Thin Client
Thin client operating system based on KasperskyOS, pre-installed on the hardware platform.

Centerm F620 flexible thin client desktop computer

Kaspersky Security Center
A single console for centralized management of thin clients running Kaspersky Thin Client and other Kaspersky products.
Kaspersky Security Management Suite

Extension module for centralized management of thin clients through a single KSC management console.

How to buy
  1. Submit a request
    Our manager will contact you to clarify details.
  2. Watch product demo
    Our specialists will personally explain the product and give you a demo.
  3. Test the solution
    A Kaspersky partner will conduct the pilot. Make a decision based on the test results.


Implementing Cyber Immune Thin Clients at the Orenburg College of Economics and Informatics

A healthcare company decided to create workstations based on Kaspersky Thin Client for employees in several branches of a polyclinic chain

After piloting Kaspersky Thin Client, a financial organization customer decided to purchase the solution and deploy workstations based on it in a number of its branches

Orenburg Region’s Ministry of Digital Development and Communications used Kaspersky solution to protect VDI infrastructure

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