Automotive cybersecurity: Kaspersky analytics now available to businesses

Kaspersky has launched a service that analyzes cyberthreats facing the automotive industry.

Each report includes an analysis of the technological trends behind cyberattacks in the automotive industry. The materials also include a review of the latest research, changes in automotive cybersecurity legislation and discussions on specialized forums and closed darknet sites.

Car manufacturers and component suppliers can keep up to date with potential risks thanks to information on current threats and vulnerabilities in automotive electronic systems. The service covers security analytics for vehicle ECUs, as well as services and tools related to the automotive ecosystem.

In addition to regular reports, Kaspersky is prepared to notify customers promptly about detected threats. This way companies can take the necessary measures to eliminate risks as quickly as possible.

When it comes to electronic systems in automobiles, cybersecurity needs to be addressed at the design stage. For example, the Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform SDK based on KasperskyOS can be used to provide the necessary level of security for solution architecture so it’s protected by default from cyberattacks.

You can learn more about automotive cyberthreat intelligence reports at To get the service, please contact your regional Kaspersky representative or email