Kaspersky expert shares tips for making digital transformation Cyber Immune

In the BrightTALK webinar we spoke on how different industries can benefit from digital transformation and make the whole process safe

Anton Selyanichev, Senior Business Development Manager for KasperskyOS, covered different aspects of digital transformation in the BrightTALK webinar ‘Make your digital transformation Cyber Immune’.

During the talk he went through some basics of Industry 4.0, analyzed the business context of digitalization and moved to specific examples of technology adoption in different industries. On the basis of real-life implementations, he explored the practical aspects of successful digital transformation:

  • which industries can benefit from digital transformation
  • how to analyze different cyber-risks to IoT   
  • how to solve the main IoT problems from the cybersecurity perspective
  • what practical insights can we gain from completed projects for the digitalization of customer infrastructures
  • how the Kaspersky Cyber Immune approach helped our customers achieve high data transparency, better decision-making and mitigation of common cyber-risks.

As stated in the white paper From Cyber Security to Cyber Immunity in IIoT by ARC Advisory Group, Kaspersky Cyber Immunity® “could be the foundation to unleash secure digital transformation in the industry”. For more tips see the recorded webinar here.