International experts hail Cyber Immunity as the Best Practice for Industrial IoT

The ARC Advisory Group has published a review on the protection of the industrial Internet of things

Document is focused on an approach called Kaspersky Cyber Immunity and our very own KasperskyOS. Thomas Menze, the author of the whitepaper and Senior Consultant at ARC Advisory Group, addresses various issues relevant to industrial cybersecurity. As part of the ongoing digital transformation, enterprises are adopting IoT technologies on a massive scale and facing associated threats. The mutual penetration of IT and OT is resulting in new types of attacks on PLCs, CPCS systems, and the IoT.

The whitepaper uses figures from Kaspersky’s recent report to illustrate the problems and specifics of IoT protection. For instance, cybersecurity threats are becoming the main obstacle to introducing IoT technologies for over half (57%) of corporate respondents.

The paper also covers approaches and guidelines that are being developed in the area of IIoT security. The author concludes that it is practical to use systems that provide protection against existing and potential cyberthreats as part of their architecture. KasperskyOS, our micro-kernel operating system, meets this criterion perfectly.

The whitepaper offers use cases for KasperskyOS-based products: an electric vehicle recharging station and an innovative rail switch heating system – our joint project with Russian Railways.

“Capable of integration with Siemens MindSphere, IBM Bluemix, Yandex IoT Core and other cloud platforms, Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateways are reliable tools for digital transformations, protecting the IoT and its data, and being innately protected themselves,” the whitepaper concludes.

You can find the original version of the document here.