Kaspersky Cyber Immunity
becomes EU trademark (®)

At the end of 2022 the European Union Intellectual Property Office registered the KASPERSKY CYBER IMMUNITY trademark

The Cyber Immunity concept developed by Kaspersky alongside KasperskyOS operating system, is now a trademark in the EU. Kaspersky has also previously registered Cyber Immunity trademark in Russia and KASPERSKY CYBER IMMUNITY® in the United States and UK. This gives the company the exclusive right to use Kaspersky Cyber Immunity to identify its products. By registering the trademark, Kaspersky reinforces once more its commitment to IoT and connected devices security.

Kaspersky’s Cyber Immune solutions are created to minimize the number of potential vulnerabilities and to be virtually impossible to compromise. Cyber Immunity is incorporating a secure-by-design approach, which is predicted to be a key element of future development cycles and already outlined in regulators’ documents. For example, in the recently published proposal for the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) of the EU Commission. Software developers such as AWS are already adopting this secure-by-design approach for their services.

Technology research and consultancy agencies recognize the value of Cyber Immune approach. ARC Advisory Group names Cyber Immunity as the best practice for industrial IoT. Gartner lists Digital Immune Systems among 2023 strategic technology trends. Kaspersky’s Cyber Immunity concept implies that the overwhelming majority of cyberattack types are ineffective and cannot affect a system’s critical functions in the usage scenarios specified at the design stage. Cyber Immunity can be achieved by using KasperskyOS and following certain methodology while creating a solution, such as defining security goals and assumptions and ensuring they are accomplished in all usage scenarios, the isolation of security domains and the control of interaction among them, and the reliability of the solution’s whole trusted computing base.

“Registering the ‘Kaspersky Cyber Immunity’ trademark in the EU is another important step for our team at the global level. It’s a clear indication for us, as well as for market analysts and customers, that our solutions like Kaspersky Secure Remote Workspace, first and next generation IoT gateways, such as Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway 1000, and all the upcoming KasperskyOS-based products – have a unique feature, recognized internationally. The Cyber Immune approach ensures that most cyberthreats cannot affect the security of a single device, and thus that of an entire enterprise IoT system. This makes it essential for digital transformation and a safer digital world on the whole”

Eugene Kaspersky, Kaspersky CEO