Car autopilot security

Today, many companies are experimenting to the max with autopilots of varying complexity. Some are trying to build devices that actually take control of the vehicle out of human hands, while others are developing advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). The main issue that autopilot manufacturers must address is guaranteeing reliability and safety. After all, people’s lives depend on the proper functioning of the system.

Automakers can draw from the aviation industry experience in some measure; aviators have been using similar systems for more than a century. But creating an automatic control system for a car is far more complex, and not only because there are more factors to be taken into account on the road than in the air, including the at-times unpredictable behavior of neighboring vehicle drivers. There is also the fact that modern cars, by and large, are Internet-connected cyberphysical systems, so the autopilot must be not only reliable, but also protected from outside interference.