Webinar "Make your digital transformation Cyber Immune"

Online talk on how companies can protect themselves from cyber-risks and make the most of digital transformation

Anton Selyanichev, Senior Business Development Manager for KasperskyOS, will demonstrate the value of digital transformation in the BrightTALK webinar at 5PM (UTC/GMT +3) on December 8, 2022.

He will highlight the relevant cyber-risks and explain how companies can protect themselves. The webinar will focus on the following topics:

  • How digital transformation improves your business
  • How to make your data reliability an essential part of new revenue (IoT use cases, practical tips on how to proceed)
  • Examples of projects implemented with our customers to digitalize their infrastructure

Digital transformation has become a popular tech term, but sometimes business leaders struggle to create a safe digital transformation strategy that is applicable to their own company. Join us on December 8 when we will take a look at digital transformation from the perspective of cybersecurity and, most importantly, Kaspersky Cyber Immunity®.

As stated in the white paper From Cyber Security to Cyber Immunity in IIoT by ARC Advisory Group, Kaspersky Cyber Immunity “could be the foundation to unleash secure digital transformation in the industry”.