Download KasperskyOS Community Edition

KasperskyOS Community Edition allows you to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of KasperskyOS and master practical techniques for developing applications. The package includes the source code оf sample applications, a set of development tools and detailed instructions.

Limitations and disclaimer of warranty

  • You can use KasperskyOS Community Edition only for personal purposes and on your own devices.
  • All examples in KasperskyOS Community Edition are intended solely for educational purposes and the demonstration of capabilities. Kaspersky does not guarantee their correctness, reliability, safety, or suitability for practical usage.
  • Kaspersky does not guarantee that the components and libraries supplied as part of KasperskyOS Community Edition will be available in the bundle and will be compatible with other products or other versions of KasperskyOS-based products.

The complete text of limitations is provided in the End-User License Agreement of KasperskyOS Community Edition.