Operating system with Kaspersky Cyber Immunity properties for secure internet-enabled embedded systems

Blocks all unauthorized activities


Guarantees execution of critical functions
in all situations


Allows for solution configuration
for specific requirements


Enables strict control and easy audit
of system processes

A new release – KasperskyOS Community Edition 1.2

Support for dynamic libraries, automation scripts, security policy testing and other innovations in KasperskyOS Community Edition

Kaspersky Thin Client 2.0

A new version of the operating system for thin clients was presented at the first global Kaspersky Cyber Immunity Conference

Partnership between Kaspersky and TSplus

The two companies will provide Cyber Immune solutions for remote workplaces

Kaspersky and Centerm
to provide Cyber Immune
thin clients worldwide

Kaspersky and the world’s leading thin client manufacturer, signed an OEM agreement to begin global deliveries of KasperskyOS-based software products

Comfort and security of cities
of the future

The smart cities of the future are already a reality. The development of cyber-physical systems is improving quality of life and the efficiency of urban utilities. The key to the reliability of intelligent IT infrastructures is their security and functionality.

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Protection of industrial IT/OT systems

Digital technology reduces human involvement in production processes and increases their efficiency. Automation and control systems must run seamlessly, so they need to be protected, in particular, from cyberthreats.

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Reliable smart vehicles

Smart cars simplify the driver’s job, making travel safer and more comfortable for all road users. To take full advantage of intelligent automotive IT systems, there needs to be a special approach to their cybersecurity.

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Security of state digital infrastructure

Digitization makes public services and governmental agencies more efficient and internal processes more transparent. At the same time, this sector faces the most sophisticated cyberthreats more frequently. A comprehensive approach to security and reliable IT solutions will help ensure protection.

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