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An immune-based approach to information system security

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What is a secure IoT?

The internet of things includes sensors and all those smart devices connected to the internet. But all those devices are first of all connected to a gateway or a router that is in turn connected to cloud services via a provider’s infrastructure.

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First secure-by-design industrial gateway

First secure-by-design industrial gateway to be unveiled in April at Hannover Messe

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Safeguarding your cyber-physical world
KasperskyOS – Secure Operating System for embedded connected systems with specific requirements for cyber security. KasperskyOS aims to protect software and data systems from the consequences of the intrusion of malicious code, viruses and hacker attacks. These can provoke harmful behaviour in any part of the system, potentially resulting in loss or leakage of sensitive data, reduced performance and denial of service.
Unique platform
Fully customisable
Security by design
Telecom equipment
Connected cars
Internet of Things
Industrial equipment

Kaspersky Lab helps telco equipment manufacturers to build reliable, leading and secure devices that meet high expectations of the future networking.

KasperskyOS gives leading OEMs and Tier 1’s ability to create secure and trusted software solutions that enables the future of connected cars.

With its flexibility KasperskyOS can be customised to various IoT applications and helps to safeguards cyber-physical devices against cyber threats and hackers’ attacks

With KasperskyOS technologies is possible to add uncompromised security to reliability and safety of modern and future connected industrial devices.

The router is just the start of our collaboration with Kaspersky Lab in this area and I hope that, going forward, there will be new projects in store for us — and new unique solutions for our customers.
Maxim Shumilov
Vice Chief of Business Development Department
We count on Kaspersky Lab’s experience in cybersecurity to provide solutions for embedded systems, on which we base the Embedded Security Shield. Together, we allow hundreds of ICS manufacturers in different vertical markets to implement high-level cyber security, with little effort, even to their legacy products!
Dimitri Philippe

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