Automotive Adaptive Platform

Building reliable IT systems for smart vehicles
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Automotive Adaptive Platform

Modern cars are referred to as smartphones on wheels: on-board systems let users make calls, listen to music, map routes using the internet, and much more. But the reality is that smart cars are whole complexes made up of computers. These control the engine and brakes, headlights and turn signals, wipers and air conditioning, not to mention the entertainment and navigation systems. Quickly evolving driver assistance systems and autopilot systems make travel more comfortable and safer.

In today’s world, tens of millions of cars are manufactured every year. The vast majority of them are computerized, and ensuring their cybersecurity amid a rapid IT evolution is critical.

Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform powered by KasperskyOS is an advanced specialized SDK. Its tools allow the creation of secure solutions for various electronic control units in smart cars: telecommunications, driver assistance systems and autopilot systems (HAD/ADAS), digital cockpits, etc. Applications based on this platform conform with the international AUTOSAR Adaptive standard.

Thanks to Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform, car manufacturers will be able to focus on the functionality of their products because Kaspersky experts have already taken care of security.

Security by default
Development of software for electronic control units based on KasperskyOS security technology. Anything not specified in the security policies is prohibited by default. Even if a component proves vulnerable and comes under attack, it cannot affect the performance of critical system functions
Compliance with standards
Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform and the applications based on it meet the AUTOSAR Adaptive standard. The platform also complies with the international regulatory framework for safety and security
Comprehensive approach
Software developed with Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform allows a complete ecosystem of applications to be built for embedded car systems. This approach ensures the reliability and functionality of these systems at every level
Support for data transmission from smart city systems, such as smart traffic lights. Applications built with Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform can be used in high-performance controllers in mixed-criticality scenarios
Security by design
Strict isolation of system components and secure updates, including over-the-air updates, throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle
Flexibility and convenience
Support for multicore architecture and easy prototyping. Integration with vehicle security operations centers (SOCs)
Service-oriented architecture
Electronic assembly-agnostic development: ability to run both adaptive applications and transfer non-AUTOSAR services to the platform without compromising performance or security


Threat protection

Software built with Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform keeps
car systems safe from:

Potential risks

Cyberattacks on car units
Vulnerabilities in smart cars may become targets for cyberattacks — on individual vehicles as well as on entire automotive infrastructures. This can lead to serious consequences in the physical world
Unreliable third-party components
Modern cars have software that contains hundreds of millions of code lines, and component supply chains in the automotive industry are complex and sometimes confusing. An incorrectly functioning or compromised third-party component can create risks for automotive IT systems unless it is timely isolated
Communication disruptions
While on the move, a smart car is limited to using wireless channels to communicate with infrastructure or other cars (V2X). Interference and attacks (signal interception/ substitution) in the absence of secure communication channels pose a threat to the correct operation of its units
Outdated software
A lack of over-the-air software updates means unaddressed vulnerabilities, delays in offering new services to the driver and the inability of software systems to meet current market needs


Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform
Building reliable IT systems for smart vehicles
Safe & Secure
electronic control units
Integration of Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform in AVL SFR electronic control unit
Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform in brief
Key features and multi-layer security system of Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform

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