KasperskyOS experts at Hannover Messe 2021


Cyber Immunity: from an idea to a unique IIoT gateway. Global premiere — be the first to know

Andrey Suvorov, CEO of Kaspersky’s subsidiary, Adaptive Production Technology, presents Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway 100, the world’s first Cyber Immune IIoT gateway. Built on a familiar platform (Siemens IoT2040) but equipped with newest software (KasperskyOS), it supports OPC UA and the MindSphere platform. It provides systems with security by design, which is far more resistant against cyber incidents than the traditional cybersecurity.

Thanks to this new gateway, factories can send telemetry data to cloud with the ultimate level of trust. Business customers can use digital services based on industrial data with reduced risk for their physical assets. Today’s connected industrial machines need immunity for cyber-risks. Find out how the unique Kaspersky’s approach can make digital transformation happen not only in pilots, but in reality.

Cyber Immunity — a new era in cybersecurity

The future is already here. Thanks to the ability of today’s IT systems to be connected, to interact with each other, to work and even to make decisions independently, they can help improve the quality of people’s lives, make businesses more efficient and just make the world a better and safer place.

But in order for them to do so, these futuristic systems need a whole new approach to cybersecurity. Kaspersky presents the company’s unique Cyber Immune approach to software development, that can provide IT products with innate security against the overwhelming majority of cyberattacks. Maxim Yudin, Head of Secure Platform Development, tells what technologies and principles lay at the heart of this revolutionary approach, and how KasperskyOS can help create Cyber Immune solutions of the future today.

The main threats to modern IoT technologies and ways to mitigate them

Internet of things is always a complex and multi-level infrastructure. It consists of a huge number of devices, data transmission channels and other components that are based on different technologies and require different cybersecurity measures. Protecting IoT assets from cyberattacks can be difficult and costly.

Marat Nuriev, IoT Business Development Manager, and Ilya Naumov, IoT Product Manager, share Kaspersky’s expertise and experience in protecting IoT on the level of a secure gateway based on the company’s operating system, KasperskyOS. This approach can not only significantly save time and resources, but also provide protection for all components of given IoT infrastructure.


The main threats to modern IoT technologies and ways to mitigate them

Cyber Immunity — a new era in cybersecurity