We’re at MWC

As is now traditional, we’re in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress – for the 11th time. Every year we bring something new to the exhibition and 2018 was no exception. This year, however, our focus has shifted from xSP security solutions and end-user security to protection for the internet of things. During a press conference within the framework of MWC, Sergey Kravchenko, Senior Business Development Manager, Future Technologies, spoke about the concept of Kaspersky IoT Security and presented the groundwork for a secure internet of things.

”IoT is a complex set of systems, channels and data transfer protocols and all those elements have to be protected. Our solution is a comprehensive solution for all IoT elements, from edge devices to cloud systems. That’s where we differ from the competitor offerings,” Sergey explained to journalists during the presentation of Kaspersky IoT Security.

We asked Mikhail Berezin, Product Manager for Secure IoT Gateway, to tell us about the new security solution for the IoT. “Within the framework of Kaspersky IoT Security at MWC we are presenting a secure IoT Gateway. There are lots of gateways whose names include the word ‘security’. Those devices are designed to protect the environment (traffic, devices) around the gateway, though the security of the gateway itself is usually ignored by manufacturers. But data passes through the gateway – it is the link between the internal network and the outside world. Our offering is specifically designed to create a secure gateway that’s extremely difficult to hack. Our approach is based on the principle of device hardening. For our customers, we offer not only a standard set of cybersecurity technologies, including content filtering, anti-virus, anti-spam, parental control, etc., but also technologies designed to protect the device itself: secure download and organization of a secure communication channel, secure updating of software models. For operators, we offer remote monitoring and control of devices.”