Comfortable and predictable work with thin clients

According to the results of a large-scale study, the human factor is the cause of cyber-incidents at public institutions at least as often as cyberattacks are: half (52%) the representatives of state structures surveyed in the United States complained about employee negligence that led to failures in digital systems.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and thin clients can help minimize the human factor risk. They increase digital process transparency and strengthen defenses at government agencies, significantly reducing the risk of data leaks and compromise of IT systems. Their functions are limited to applications and services required for work, and even those are only available as a virtual desktop on the server. This significantly reduces the risk of employees performing potentially dangerous unauthorized actions, including those involving sensitive data.

The combination of VDI and thin clients makes it possible to update the configurations of all terminals in the system quickly and easily from a single center. Replacing a thin client, if necessary, does not require much time or resources: since all the data is stored on a single corporate server rather than on thin clients, only the necessary software needs to be deployed when setting up a new device.

The Kaspersky Secure Remote Workspace solution provides reliable, predictable operation and easy administration of thin client infrastructure in government agencies, timely installation of system updates and fast recovery of workstation functionality after a failure.

Kaspersky Thin Client, the key product of the solution, powered by KasperskyOS, makes operation of thin clients predictable and reliable. Kaspersky Security Center, combined with the Kaspersky Security Management Suite plug-in tools, provides centralized configuration, removal and creation of virtual desktops for each employee.