Designing solutions for safe smart cars

The smart vehicle industry’s pace of development dictates new rules for building IT solutions for connected cars. Since a car’s on-board computer systems are directly or indirectly connected to the internet, security principles must be built in starting from the design phase. This will help minimize the potential for vulnerabilities in these systems.

Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform, powered by KasperskyOS, is a reliable SDK that supports secure solutions for electronic control units (ECU) including telecommunications units (TCU/V2X, gateways), driver assistance systems, self-driving cars (HAD/ADAS) and other components of the smart vehicle digital cockpit.

The architecture and technology of our operating system ensure component isolation and control over interprocess communication. This approach, which prevents separated systems from affecting one another, enables the highest level of solution reliability and security.

Kaspersky Automotive Adaptive Platform meets the AUTOSAR Adaptive standard and allows the building of IT solutions that comply with it. The platform itself is being designed to industry safety standards, such as ASIL and ASPICE.