Protecting the internet of things in government agencies

IoT technology helps improve the efficiency and reliability of public digital infrastructures. Networks of smart devices that independently process and exchange information significantly accelerate the work of public administrations, minimize the human factor risk, and allow IT staff to focus on other tasks. In order to enjoy the full benefits of complex multi-level IoT systems, quality protection needs to be assured.

Risks to all IoT components can be minimized at the level of a secure gateway. It is to this gateway that all smart devices and data channels are connected — it is through this gateway that information is transferred to data centers for further processing and storage, and control instructions reach actuators.

Powered by KasperskyOS, the Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway product is the key component of the Kaspersky IoT Infrastructure Security solution. It is installed on the edge between IoT infrastructure and external data networks, for example, in the cloud. It blocks attacks on IoT infrastructure components, identifies unauthorized network connections, provides secure software updates and configurations and transfers control commands to actuators, helping systems run smoothly.

Convenient centralized configuration and management of the events of Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway are provided by the Kaspersky Security Center product. It enables an administrator to monitor the state of gateways and timely respond to incidents.