Secure internet of things for public utilities

The one component to which all devices in any IoT system connect is a gateway. It is through the gateway that information is sent to a data center and control instructions are sent to actuators. Protecting the gateway can minimize risks to all other components of the IoT including those in public utilities.

Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway, powered by KasperskyOS, is the key product of the Kaspersky IoT Infrastructure Security solution. It is installed on the edge between IoT infrastructure and external data networks, for example, in the cloud. The gateway blocks attacks on CCTV cameras, motion and door sensors, and other local devices and data links. It also identifies unauthorized connections to the network.

Transparency and convenient centralized management of the entire security system of the IoT infrastructure are provided by Kaspersky Security Center. It enables an administrator to monitor systems status and events from a single point and timely respond to incidents.