Industrial IoT infrastructure security

A key technology for increasing the performance of industrial systems is the internet of things, a complex infrastructure consisting of many components at various levels. One component to which all devices in any IoT system connect is the gateway. It is through it that information is transferred to data centers for further processing and storage. By protecting the gateway, you can minimize the risks to all other IoT components at production facilities.

Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway, powered by KasperskyOS, is the key product of the Kaspersky IoT Infrastructure Security solution. It is installed on the edge between IoT infrastructure and external data networks. The gateway blocks attacks on smart industrial control systems, equipment and information-sharing channels. It identifies unauthorized network connections, provides secure updates and configuration of software and transfers control instructions to actuators, helping systems run smoothly.

Convenient centralized configuration and management of the events of Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway are provided by Kaspersky Security Center. It enables an administrator to monitor the status of gateways from a single point and timely respond to incidents.