Secure IoT on the road

In today’s world, smart cars are part of the intelligent road infrastructure. Seamless interaction of all its components can make travel comfortable and safe: for example, traffic lights will replace traffic controllers, independently adjusting to congestion at intersections and keeping them jam-free, while cars will be able to recognize one another even in poor visibility, thus preventing accidents.

You can minimize the risks to road IoT systems by protecting the gateway, because it is through the gateway that all the information from smart devices is transferred to data centers, and control instructions reach actuators.

Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway, powered by KasperskyOS, is the key product of the Kaspersky IoT Infrastructure Security solution. Installed on the edge between IoT infrastructure and external data networks, it blocks attacks on local devices, such as motion sensors in smart traffic light systems, and the channels through which the information passes. The gateway also identifies unauthorized connections to the network and securely transfers control instructions from the control room to the actuators.

Convenient centralized configuration and management of the events of Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway are provided by the Kaspersky Security Center product. It enables an administrator to monitor the status of gateways from a single point and timely respond to incidents.