Internet of Things: vom Sensor bis zur Cloud

German international conference on the development of the Internet of Things to be held online

The Internet of Things: vom Sensor bis zur Cloud («Internet of Things: from sensors to the cloud») conference will be held online on October 20-21 by the WEKA Group, a large German group of companies that organizes corporate trainings and industrial events.

The speakers of the event are experts of leading European companies in the fields of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, communications, and business digitalization. They will share their experiences and discuss advanced IoT technologies, their development, regulations and new challenges.

Maxim Dontsov, head of the information security analysts group, will talk about why it is important to move from cybersecurity to Cyber Immunity in the Internet of Things and how KasperskyOS technologies allow you to do this by giving IT solutions “innate” protection against hackers. He will share some real examples, and also talk about the first industrial Cyber Immune IoT gateway based on KasperskyOS.

Maxim will speak in the «Security» section on October 21 at 10:00. After his talk, «From Cyber ​​Security to Cyber ​​Immunity: How to achieve it», there will be a Q&A session.

The conference program can be found here.

To register, follow the link